The mystery of this central island of Mediterranean Sea is guarded by its timeless mountains. Born much before the Pyrenees, the Alps, the Andes, the Rocky Mountains and the Himalaya, they saw the birth of this ancient land. When you get to see and explore these mountains, you are not only travelling in the past, but also getting the chance of a big jump into the future: in fact, such landscapes will only be admirable in many million years from now in the rest of Europe, after the wind and the water flows will have shaped their majestic sculptures. Central Sardinia hides different landscapes at every step you take, after every peak and behind every crest. Some great views will suddenly show you wide valleys, deeply marked by the rivers flowing down to the sea, gentle at one time and impetuous at another. Old-growth forests with thousands shades of green, with their holm oak woods, downy oaks, maples, corks, chestnut trees and hazels harbour unique forms of animal and vegetable life that can only be admired here in person.


Sardinian people are fine food engravers: from the bread to the pasta and desserts, the attention to detail is equal only to the deliciousness of the taste. Livestock and farming have always been the basis of the economy of the island, and the centuries-old experience in these fields gave birth to precious food farming products: meats, cold cuts, cheese, fruits and vegetables able to preserve the same taste of the past. For a long time Sardinia has been a land of wheat, for this reason its culinary tradition presents a range of bread that would be impossible to find anywhere else in the world; in fact, here bread is not simply bread, but a customary element which is always present in the most important moments of people’s lives. Sardinia boasts the oldest grape variety of the Mediterranean Sea, and wine might truly be the secret elixir of life of Sardinian people. Most of the centuries-old grape varieties are one of a kind, but even the ones of the same name, which are available in different territories, are by now typical and different. In Mid-Sardinia’s agriturismo you will have the chance of tasting these food and wine specialities which are produced directly for you a stone’s throw from your accommodations.


The Sardinian people was able to preserve its identity over the decades. Today, its culture is like a treasure chest full of experiences, exchanges, knowledge and tangible time capsules that gives this island an unmistakable appearance. An archaeological paradise, a territory scattered with architectonical jewels, a very ancient tradition of music and poetry which is still alive and able to shake women and men who have lived in different ages. In a place where History is made by a thousand Stories, art and literature could easily find a fertile ground to put down roots. This and much more will be revealed only by exploring these places where people live in the present always being balanced between a leap towards newness and the passion for what they have shared during the past centuries.


Profane and religious celebrations in Sardinia are the symbol of the time that becomes tradition; they mark the days and give colour to the life in the island. Ceremonies and rituals related to the agricultural cycle date back to ancient times and are still celebrated today, in different seasons of the year, when Sardinia offers the unique popular dance and the fearless horse racings, and it shows its most elegant essence with the traditional dresses. But Central Sardinia is also a land of popular festivals of music and literature, concerts and events for all tastes. You will enjoy the time spent together, the care freedom of a break from routine, and the surprise in front of such heritage of food and wine and handicraft in every small village that preserves the secret ingredient of its own local products.