The network Rete di Imprese degli Agriturismo e delle Fattorie Didattiche della Sardegna Centrale is the largest agriturismo network in Italy. Born to increase the standard of local and international market-oriented services, it has today more than 50 facilities, 800 beds and 5000 seats per day. The companies can be divided into agriturismo and teaching farms, in order to offer adapted services to meet the diverse needs
All member companies fully adhere to the values of Terranostra and Coldiretti, and they share with them the same goal of a more active tourism, directed towards a positive exchange of experiences between travellers and residents. Thanks to this set of ideas and values, the project Mid-Sardinia was born: a solid group of entrepreneurs working together for the development and prosperity of their own land.


Mid-Sardinia is the union of the agriturismo of Central Sardinia, women and men who farm, breed and yield in order to share with travellers something with no equals: the love for the territory. We are the guardians of the natural and cultural treasures around us.
We are history, nature, discovery for those who want to know new places, new people, for those yearning for new experiences. We are the secret Sardinia to be revealed.


You will live following the rhythm of the nature and tasting the seasons, you will eat what our children eat. You will dance with us during the celebrations, find out unexpected places, and meet people who will tell you the secrets and traditions of this island. You will taste the recipes handed down by our grandparents, who make this territory the land of the centenarians.
A Mid-Sardinia trip is Discovery for those who are never tired of exploring. It is Fun for those who want to spend time with the people they love without having to renounce passions. It is Adventure for those seeking adrenaline. It is Pleasure for those needing a break. It is a Romantic scenery to spend time with your beloved.