From the Sardinian Sea to the Tyrrhenian Sea, a one of a kind coast to coast route that crosses the Sardinian “continent” showing the purest essence of the island. From the most appreciated beaches in the Mediterranean Sea through the impressive massif of the Gennargentu, you will ride millenniums of history, enjoying majestic natural monuments in a succession of scenic routes and cosy villages known for their renowned local hospitality. The route crosses the central part of Sardinia from west to east, from the gentle west coast passing through the Montiferru, the luxuriant oaks woods and the Omodeo Lake: an area of a huge archaeological value.
The trail continues among the typical small villages of Mandrolisai to get to skim the slopes of the highest mountains of Sardinia and reach, across the chestnut and downy oaks woods, the wild Barbagia. Riding on low-traffic paved streets in the southern part of Gennargentu, among the centuries-old oak woods, you will get to the popular calcareous wedges of Ogliastra. With the light blue of the Thyrrenian Sea as a background, you will pass through several natural caves, ghost villages and amazing natural monuments up to the Supramonte of Baunei, and end up in the pretty small port of Santa Maria Navarrese to enjoy a rest.


Characterized by a considerable technical relevance, this trail runs on low-traffic paved streets with remarkable landscapes variability and a pleasant succession of slopes and driving conditions. The Sea to Sea trail crosses a very extended and uneven area. The itinerary can be customized by choosing the stages in order to make the ride gratifying not only for those willing to test their technical and athletic skills, but also for those wanting to live in a total and alternative way the most beautiful and unknown parts of Sardinia.
*The route has been designed, after years of enjoyable rides in the heart of the island, with the technical advice of Telemaco Murgia, the cooperation of the Centro Outdoor Mediterranea Adventure and the support of Mid Sardinia in order to provide demanding cyclists and cycling travellers with a warm welcome and a unique experience on two wheels.


  • Bosa
  • Tresnuraghes
  • Cuglieri
  • Santu Lussurgiu e San Leonardo
  • Abbasanta
  • Ghilarza
  • Neoneli
  • Ortueri
  • Sorgono
  • Tonara
  • Aritzo
  • Seulo
  • Ussassai
  • Gairo Scalo e Gairo
  • Sant'Elena
  • Osini
  • Ulassai
  • Jerzu
  • Bari Sardo
  • Tortolì
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