Designed by the expert goatherds of the Supramonte and of Ogliastra, this route crosses the central-eastern part of Sardinia in the area between the crystal clear waters of the Golfo di Orosei and the wild slopes of the massif of Gennargentu. The T-Track is the transhumance trail, which twists and turns among uncontaminated landscapes, incomparable archaeological sites and small villages that preserve the untouched charm of old traditions.
The route was born from the cooperation of private and public companies and local administration, and it was realized by the Centro Nazionale Mountainbike Mediterranea Adventure on the project of Telemaco Murgia and under the coordination of Maria Sabrina Leone; the trail connects all the facilities of Mid-Sardinia network which are equipped to offer our bikers the warmest welcome and adapted services.


The T-Track twists and turns for about 300 km between Barbagia and Ogliastra ending in the Supramonte after a circular route through thirteen fascinating small villages of Central Sardinia. The trail was realized following the traditional transhumance paths (tramudas) and the ancient rural mobility, along dirt roads and small paths with difficulty levels which make the ride gratifying not only for beginners, but also for expert bikers. This circular route, which has to be driven in a counter-clockwise direction, meets the centre, permitting to choose a northern or a southern variation.
Along the route you will find different featured trails where the surface variability meets several slopes in an uneven and evocative background. This route presents some variations, still unknown, permitting either to increase or limit the level of difficulty of the stage or find a quick escape route in case of necessity. Furthermore, it will possible to join the route directly from the different stages in order to ride only on a part of the trail. The trail, certificated by the Scuola Nazionale Adventure Sport Italia with the supervision of mountain bike experts and guides, is entirely feasible thanks to the GPS tracking and the digital road book. It is essential to get a map with appropriate scale in order to better orient yourself.


  • Dorgali
  • Oliena
  • Orgosolo
  • Baunei
  • Triei
  • Urzulei
  • Fonni
  • Talana
  • Villanova Strisaili
  • Villagrande
  • Arzana
  • Elini
  • Gairo S. Elena
  • Gairo Taquisara
  • Seui
  • Osini
  • Ulassai
  • Urzulei
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